Dutch Oven – Sprite Chicken



Boneless-skinless chicken breasts (1 per person) 1 medium potato per person, quartered 1 large onion diced 1# baby carrots 1# sliced bacon 1-20 oz Sprite (the flavor is better!) 1 slice processed cheese slice per chicken breast Season-All or Cavender’s Seasoning.

Place the bacon in the freezer long enough to be slightly frozen. This makes it easier to dice. Fry the bacon to a crisp stage in a 12″ Dutch oven, then remove the bacon bits to a paper towel for later use.

Dredge the chicken breasts in flour and Season-All and brown in the bacon grease. When the chicken is well browned, place the potatoes, carrots, and onions on top of the chicken.

Sprinkle liberally with Season-All and add the Sprite to the pot carefully. Place the bacon pieces on top and place the lid on the pot. Use 12 to 14 coals on the bottom and place enough charcoal around the edge of the lid. Cook until the potatoes and carrots are tender.

When they are cooked, bring the chicken to the top and place a piece of cheese on top and replace the lid for the cheese to melt.



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