Raspberry Cream Cheese Salad


“It’s as if we spend our entire lives avoiding Jell-O but it is always there at the end, waiting.” –John Grisham

2 pkgs (3 oz. each) lemon jello– (You can substitute strawberries and strawberry jello)
3 and 1/3 cups boiling water
2 pkgs (3 oz.) cream cheese
2 pkgs (10 oz. each) frozen raspberries
2 pkgs (3 oz. each) raspberry jello

Dissolve lemon jello in 3 1/3 cups boiling water.  Beat cream cheese until fluffy. Gradually add hot jello and beat constantly until smooth.  Pour into a 9×13 dish. Refrigerate until set.

Defrost raspberries, drain, reserving juice.

Dissolve raspberry jello in heated juice and water to make 2 and 1/2 cups of liquid. Have liquid boiling.

Add berries, cool slightly.  Pour over lemon gelatin mixture.  Refrigerate until set.

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