Bangers and Mash

I got this recipe watching an online video of some English chef who dictated this recipe while he was preparing it.  It was fairly simple but looked really good.

  • Potatoes
  • Sausage
  • Onion
  • Fresh chive


Peel potatoes, Cook evenly over medium heat until they are done.  (Stick a knife in them and if they slide off, they’re done).

Don’t cook potato pieces too small or they absorb too much water.

Put in sausages (into pan) – pick good sausages.

Brown 10 minutes – not too high – brown them.

Cook onions until brown.  Stick knife into potatoes to see if done—if they fall off, they’re done.  Drain potatoes and mash with butter, salt and pepper.  If you like it creamier, add a little milk.  Add fresh chopped chives.  Put sausages on top of your potatoes.  Serve with some cabbage.  Top with a little bit of brown gravy. Spoon some onions onto plate.

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